Taster Placements

CIJ Internship Program Student Reflections S1 2018

2018 semester 1_
Students at Court of Appeal lunch

The CIJ offers a range of taster placements to RMIT Law students to give them experiences of the legal and justice system that complement their studies. In Semester 1 we had 19 students doing placements at the Court of Appeal and the Fair Work Commission. Here are some of their reflections:

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Fair Work Commission Reflection

Georgia McRae - on left
APRIL, 2017

My week at the Fair Work Commission was both eye opening and informative. Given my academic interest in employment law, this placement was a highlight of my legal studies to date. It exposed me to various areas of the Commission, ranging from registry to Chambers.

Court of Appeal Reflection

RMIT JD and VU law students with Court of Appeal Associates and other members of the legal profession
APRIL 21, 2017

From the moment we entered the Supreme Court of Appeal, it was clear that the judges and staff saw our attendance as an opportunity to invest in the future direction of the legal profession. The internship was extremely well organised and structured providing a comprehensive insight into the machinations of the Supreme Court of Appeal and the Trials Division. A significant amount of time was afforded to us by judges and staff. Their commitment to ensuring that the internship was a rewarding experience was inspirational in the sense that it demonstrated the caring and mentoring culture of the legal profession.

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My week at the Fair Work Commission

RMIT JD Students Olivia Dean and Jack Faine
DEC 1, 2016

Having spent a semester studying Labour Law I was looking forward to the week at the Fair Work Commission. Like other placement opportunities throughout my degree, the FWC placement brought my understanding of the law in to the real world. It coloured between the lines of my knowledge, giving meaning and practical understanding to the legislation I’d spent the last few months trying to get my head around.

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My week shadowing Magistrate Ann Collins


SEP 20, 2016

I recently read an article by American Professor, William P. Quigley entitled ‘Letter to a Law Student,’ where he quoted one of his students who stated that ‘the first thing I lost in law school was the reason I came.’ This quote heavily resonates with me, with the experience of undertaking a law degree diluting my initial career goals and aspirations to practice social justice lawyering. With such a high emphasis on your Grade Point Average and with success defined as gaining employment in a top-tier commercial firm, I questioned my future as a law student during the first-half of my degree. After consulting some wise individuals who insisted that the practice of law could not be more different from the drudgery of studying law, I heavily immersed myself in the practical application of law through various internships and voluntary positions, rediscovering my original motivation for studying law; the desire to help people who are most in need. Having now volunteered and worked in the community legal sector over the past two years my passion and commitment to act with and on behalf of those who are suffering due to societal neglect, social decisions or social structures and institutions has been strengthened.

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