Study Tours

2017 New Zealand Study Tour insights published

Manurewa Marae_1RMIT University law and social work students recently undertook a week-long study tour to Auckland, New Zealand where they visited the Rangatahi Youth Court, Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment and the Court of New Beginnings. The study tour had a profound effect on these students and their ideas about how justice can and should be delivered. Recently, the students’ reflections were selected for publication in Therapeutic Justice in the Mainstream which is part of an international project that seeks to promote the use of therapeutic justice approaches in mainstream legal settings.  The students’ reflections can be accessed here.

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2017 NZ study tour – a real eye opener

Just how innovative New Zealand’s courts are came as quite a surprise to the RMIT law students who recently undertook a week long study tour.  The Rangatahi Youth Court, Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court, New Beginnings Court are all operating with compassion, sensitivity and in nimble and innovative ways, where multdisciplinary teams work together to achieve the very best outcome for those who come before their court and ensure that the justice systems acts as a positive intervention in people lives.

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