CIJ TEAM_011 informalThe Centre for Innovative Justice was established at RMIT University in October 2012 with former Victorian Attorney-General and Deputy Premier Rob Hulls as its inaugural Director.

As Attorney-General, Mr Hulls was known for his passion for therapeutic justice and human rights.

The mission of the Centre for Innovative Justice is to research, develop, teach and promote innovative ways of delivering justice.

The Centre is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems that manifest in the justice system. Our analysis is not limited to identifying problems within the system. We strive to develop practical ways to ensure the justice system acts as a positive intervention in the lives of its users.

Our people are:

Rob Hulls, Director
Mark Madden, Deputy Director
Elena Campbell, Manager, Research & Policy
Stan Winford, Principal Coordinator, Legal Programs
Mina Hilson, Centre Coordinator
Katherine Ogilvie, Social Worker
Anna Howard, Project Coordinator, ABI project
Nareeda Lewers, Project Coordinator, Restorative Justice Project

Address & contact:
Building 97, level 2, 106-108 Victoria Street, Melbourne
Phone:  9925 1139